Do your products contain M.S.G.?
NO!  Our products contain no additives or preservatives, and NO M.S.G.

Do your products contain Gluten?
NO!  All of our products are Gluten free.

Why a BBQ Paste?
For versatility!  It lets you create your own signature BBQ sauces, or recreate regional favorites.  You’re in control!  You don’t need several sauces in your refrigerator because you can create hundreds of flavors from our one BBQ Paste.

Do you have different flavors like Hickory or Mesquite?
NO!  Our products are all natural.  We believe that any smoke flavor should come from the fire, not artificially.  Use mesquite or hickory chips in the fire, or use wood charcoals instead.

Is your BBQ Paste HOT?
NO!  We describe our BBQ Paste as “peppery”, not hot; and it’s not smoky or sweet either.  That’s why it works so well with so many different liquids.  That is also why you can use it as a general seasoning paste to create so many other great dishes.  If you want it hot, add some of your favorite hot sauce or tobasco.  If you want it sweet, simply add honey, syrup, or fruit juice to taste.  Again, you’re in control!

Are your products just for use on the BBQ grill?
NO!  All of our products are multifunctional.  Use them to season everything that you eat – soups, casseroles, vegetables, salads, dips, popcorn, etc.  Use them at the table instead of salt and pepper, for more exciting flavors.

Use them for BBQ, broiling, baking, stir fry, microwave, and crock pot cooking.  Use them for breakfast, lunch or dinner!

What is a Tri-Tip?
Tri-Tip is hard to find outside of California.  It is a triangular shaped chunk of meat that is about 4 inches thick.  It comes from the end of the sirloin, and weighs between 3 to 4 pounds.  It is best to buy it untrimmed, covered on one side by a generous layer of fat.  Technically named, “Beef bottom, Sirloin butt”.

Where can I buy your products?  
Our products are easily attainable on our website, www.mansmith.com, or by calling a “real” person at 1-800 MANSMITH, (1-800-626-7648).

Only a select number of retail outlets carry our products at this time, mainly in central California.  If there is a store in your neighborhood that you think should carry our products, please tell the store manager.  Customer requests are the best way for us to obtain new outlets.

Do you have gift packaging?
Yes!  All of our gift packages are custom made to your requirements.  We have a wide variety of branded wooden crates and burlap bags that we can fill and ship for you according to your needs and price range.  Our order page has photos of a few options.  Please give us a call at 1-800-MANSMITH, talk to a real person, and we can make your gift giving a snap.  We will even include gift cards with your orders.

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