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"MANSMITH’S GOURMET BBQ PASTE, it has changed the way I do ‘Q’. Well, let me tell you...this man found his barbecue sauces -- all of them -- for whatever I’m cooking, wherever I am. The possibilities are endless -- just be creative."

Merle Ellis, nationally syndicated newspaper columnist & T.V. personality, Tiburon, CA



 "As a life long resident of Kansas City, I am very weary of anything proclaiming to be a barbecue product that is not made within lets say, a one hundred mile radius of K.C. Your product was made, horror of horrors, in California. What pray tell does anyone from California know about barbecue? ... I must admit the sauce was good. Actually it was great. No, truth be known, it was perhaps the best barbecue sauce I have ever had and that includes all the sauces made locally."

L.F., Leawood, KS



"I spotted a bottle of BBQ Paste. The label said it was all natural, and to mix it with an equal part of any liquid of my choice. It appeared to be the perfect convenience food that I was looking for. I could make it my own by adding whatever I wanted to. It is a cook’s delight, as it tastes great, and has endless variations."

Dorothy McNett, cooking school owner, Hollister, CA



"WE RAN OUT!!!!!!!!!!!! HURRY!!!"

L.A., Glendale, CA



"Please mail spice as soon as possible! We’re all out and we use it on everything!"

A.B., CA



"This BBQ Paste is fantastic! Thanks!"

M.S., Pembrook Pines, FL



"This is by far the best BBQ sauce we’ve ever tasted, and I use the seasoning nearly every day."

K.R., Lake Oswego, OR



"I love your BBQ Paste!! And I will not eat barbecue sauce, so yours must be great!"

K.T., Cardiff, CA



"Everyone loves to come to our house for our ‘secret’ recipe for BBQ spice. We decided to give up our secret and give MANSMITH’S as gifts."

L.W., Lake Mary, FL



"Not long ago my daughter gave me some of your grilling spice for my birthday. I have used it on about everything. I built up such a reputation for my barbecues that I’m now faced with admitting to my admirers it was your grilling spice that made me the success I am today."

M.B., Shoshone, ID



"Thank you for your prompt response to my request for information on your BBQ Paste. I’m ordering some for ourselves and I think that you have solved my major Christmas problem - what to get distant friends and relatives."

W.R., Sarasota, FL



"My sister has gotten her whole family hooked on your MANSMITH’S GRILLING SPICE and being a cook of negligible skills, I am delighted with your product - because now I am a cook of some renown."

"P.S., Someone stole my daughters wedding gift of MANSMITH’S GRILLING SPICE!"

P.V., Gunnison, CO



"My wife called and inquired about what to do with a lamb dish she was preparing. Our previous experience with lamb was a dismal one -- it was rank! She received recommendations about the use of the BBQ Paste and it’s preparation. The meal couldn’t have turned out any better. It was terrific."

K.B., CA



"I grill each night with your MANSMITH’S GRILLING SPICE, steaks, chops, chicken. The product makes these items special. It is superb on lamb!!! Grilled chops with your spice is the first time I enjoyed lamb chops. My neighbors think I’m a super cook."

L.H., Hutchinson, MN



"I love your grilling spice and can’t wait to start experimenting with your BBQ Paste. I ran out of grilling spice a couple of weeks ago, and I feel lost in my kitchen without it. It’s great! And it’s fun to use!"

S.L., Clinton, MA



"Help!! I have recently moved from California to Pennsylvania and I am almost out of my MANSMITH’S GOURMET GRILLING SPICE. I don’t think I can face summer without it!!"

K.C., Allentown, PA



"I would hate to think of being without my grilling spice. My little 6 year old granddaughter even asks for it on her salad, etc."

C.B., San Dimas, CA



"We love the stuff and use it in everything. I even hesitate to make chili until I have more of your spices as it ‘makes’ my chile."

B.G., Grand Rapids, MI



"I do have a few house rules:

1. Cooking is not critical to eating, that’s why God invented restaurants.

2. Recipes are like the IRS code -- general guidelines that everyone pays lip service to, but no one really follows.

3. No matter what you cook, bake, broil, bbq, stir fry, sauté, boil or toss, it will taste better with MANSMITH’S GRILLING SPICE on it!"

K.L., Hollister, CA



I use MANSMITH'S DRY FIRE on everything from omelets, to egg salad, to talapia filets, pan seared on the stove.  It's the best with the just the right amount of heat and a great flavor.

M.G., Irvine, CA